Building an On-line Community

Carving out a niche

This week I will be sharing a new social platform with you, the platform will be called Amla, and will focus on fitness and health. The platform will attempt to bridge interests of users with different sporting and fitness goals by quantifying their progress into a number. The platform is designed to enable users to be competitive by encouraging them to set, reach and share their fitness or sporting goals.

Competing for a Niche

The platform will allow users to ‘export’ their daily, weekly, monthly or yearly progress to share on Facebook or other platform to increase awareness and allow our users to show the benefits of Amla to others. By having a unique selling proposition Alma believes that sharing this content between competing communities will attract new members who are interested in fitness, health and competition.

Getting Critical Mass

To acquire critical mass the platform will again allow and encourage users to export progress reports to other social media platforms. This makes the uses actions in the community visible to their social circle (or, at least their Facebook friends) who are outside of the Alma community and attract them to the new platform.

Attracting Early Members

The platform will be attracting members with a limited scope initially, and then open up the scope to encourage growth and new members to join. Initially the focus of the website will be on the ‘score’ the user receives each week. As the scope opens up new types of scores will be added for progress in different activities to more accurately represented

Early Adopter Benefits

To provide early adopters with an expectation that the website will be a success, having professional website design is imperative. This combined with a ‘lifetime total’ score which will consist of the total number of points a member has earned using the platform. Early adopters will have a clear advantage simply because they will be able to start stacking up on points earlier than those who start to use the platform later.


3 thoughts on “Building an On-line Community

  1. Hi Edward,

    Nice post, Have you thought of adding a premium version to this platform and give early adopters users a free trial of this? This will provide early adopters with an extra benefit and subsequently lowering switching and start-up costs.



  2. Hi Lloyd,

    It was worth reading your blog. Nice post. One idea to attract more users is we can have Business tie ups with the renowned gyms so that we can offer discounts to the users who join early. We can help the users by locating the users who are using the same gym so that they can workout together.



  3. Hi Edward,

    Introducing an aspect of competition through the “scoring” is an excellent way to attract early users. People who enjoy sports and physical activities are almost definitely competitive by nature so this should make them want to use Amla.
    I’m not particularly sold on exporting data to other social media platforms though. It feels like this is more beneficial to them than to Amla as it would give out the desired information without requiring the use of Amla.
    Still, great idea for a social media platform.



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